Bruce County Plowmen's Association

The Bruce County Plowmen's Association is a grass roots organization that puts on a yearly plowing match. Plowing Matches have been part of our agricultural history in Ontario for well over a century..

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2017 Canadian Plowing Match

The 2017 Canadian Plowing Match and the Bruce County Plowing Match will be held August 29 - September 2, 2017 in Brockton in Bruce County. Exact location not known at this time.

The competition will involve competitors from across Canada representing their province in one of three plowing classes: Senior Conventional, Senior Reversible and Junior Conventional. Winners will represent Canada in the 2018 World Ploughing Competition in Germany.

The Bruce county Plowmen's Association and the Canadian Plowmen's organization are non-profit organizations. Our committees are working together and counting on broad community support for this undertaking. Sponsorship and advertising placements are detailed in the
2017 Canadian Plowing Championship - Bruce County Sponsorship Package.

Whats Happening
  • Class Winners 2016 Bruce County Plowing Match
    Class 1 Brendan Gilbert 108
    Class 2 Scott Thomas 118.5
    Class 3 Dan Gorrill 114
    Class 4 Lucas Townsend 132
    Class 5 Brandon Stein 124.5
    Class 6 Austin Borth 128
    Class 7 Paul Robinson 132
    Class 7A George Townsend 129
    Class 8 Matt Magwood 119
    Class 11 Tom Evans 145
    Class 12A Harold Walker 135
    Class 12B Don Nunnikhoven 123
    Congrats to all participants. Thanks for coming out!
  • 2016-2017 Queen of the Furrow
    is Krista Young from Elmwood.
  • Bruce County Plowmen bring home awards from the recent International Plowing Match in Wellington County. Scott Thomas of Elmwood and Tom Evans of Tiverton, last year's top overall competitors in horse and tractor plowing; were awarded the reserve championships in their classes this year. Scott narrowly missed on a repeat horse title coming in second on a tiebreaker, having tied the champion on points. Tom will once again compete at the Canadian Championship next year having come in second in the Ontario class for reversible plowing. Meanwhile, in the Junior plowing competition on Saturday, Trent Ferris of Glammis won his class and was placed 3rd overall on the day. This is the first time that a Bruce County Junior made it into the top 3.
  • The 2017 Canadian Plowing Championship will be held in Bruce County!
    The event will be held north of Walkerton from Wednesday, August 30 to Saturday, September 2.
    Come help us celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada and Bruce County as we host the champion plowmen from provinces across Canada as they compete for the National Championship. The 2 Champion Senior competitors in conventional and reversible plowing will represent Canada at the 2018 World Contest in Germany.
  • Bruce County plowing competitor Tom Evans of Tiverton won the 2016 Canadian Reversible Plowing Championship in Ottawa on August 27. He will be the first Bruce County person to compete for their country at the World Ploughing Championship. He will travel to Kenya in 2017 to take part in the event.
  • Bruce County's first Senior Ontario Champion. Tom Evans of Tiverton won the Ontario Championship Reversible Plowing contest at the International Plowing Match near Finch. He was also the highest scoring plower over the 4 days of competition earning him the IPM Tractor Champion award for modern tractors and plows as well as, the Gord Bradfield Memorial Award for the highest combined score in all tractor classes.