2013-2014   Queen of the Furrow

Bruce County Plowmen's AssociationLaurissa Christie grew up on a broiler chicken and red deer farm just outside of Tara. She is currently in her second year at University of Guelph for Environmental Sciences. She is the daughter of Heather and Larry Christie.

Laurissa is very actively involved in her community and the University of Guelph. She is involved in the Environmental Sciences Student Executive, Student Federation of Ontario Agricultural College, Student Senate and the Figure Skating Club. Laurissa enjoys spending time at the family cottage on the Bruce Peninsula. She is an accomplished gold level figure skater, and Skate Canada coach. Laurissa is a three time Canada-Wide Science Fair winner and enjoys giving back as a judge, mentor, and recently participated in the Youth Science Canada Ambassador program. Laurissa has also been a participant on both the Students on Ice Arctic and Antarctic Expeditions. Since returning home to her family's farm, Laurissa has been spreading the message of the most recent International Polar Year to thousands of people "that what happens at the Polar Regions affects the rest of the world" through various initiatives and presentations. Laurissa has been widely recognized for her leadership abilities through many scholarships and awards. After completing her undergraduate degree in environmental science, Laurissa plans to pursue a career in environmental law, education, sustainable agriculture, or marine biology.

Laurissa has always been a proud Bruce County girl and is even more proud to be representing Bruce County as Queen of the Furrow. Laurissa is having an amazing time as an agricultural spokesperson and is looking forward to more events and the IPM in September! She loves meeting new people so don't be afraid to say hi! And most importantly remember if you ate today, thank a farmer

Laurissa Christie
Bruce County Queen of the Furrow 2013-2014