< Bruce County Plowmen's Association - Rules & Guidelines

Guidelines & Rules

Plowing starts at 10:00 A.M. sharp and must be finished by 3:00 P.M.

  • Pre-Registration Encouraged!
  • All competitors in Classes 1 to 13 get a complimentary noon BBQ Ticket.
  • Bruce County Plowers 16 years & older with a paid-up $15.00 membership - plow for free!
  • Bruce County Plowers 15 years & under with a paid-up $10.00 membership - plow for free!
  • ALL others please pay a $15.00 Registration Fee
  • Registration fees to be deducted from prize money

Join us for a Beef Barbeque at noon. Tickets $15.00

To Guarantee Tickets Call:
Tom Evans at 519-901-1076
John Gillespie at 519-395-5248


1. All competitors must have proof of 2 million dollars in liability insurance.
2. All Ontario Plowmen's Association rules shall be enforced.
3. Opening Split required in all classes but 1,2,3.
4. One assistant will be allowed each contestant in setting and removing the stakes. ONLY contestant will be allowed on the tractor. Coaching is allowed from the headland only.
5. BCPA reserves the right to combine or split classes at the discretion of the executive.
6. Coaching permitted in Classes 4 & 5. When plowing in class 1-13, a competitor is allowed to compete in Classes A-D.
7. Competitors or Exhibitors operating in an unsafe manner can be asked to leave the grounds by the BCPA executive.
8. Prize cheques must be cashed by December 1 of current year. Cheques not cashed will be canceled.

Note: prizes will be mailed out following the match. Contact John Gillespie 519 395 5248 for tickets.

Class 1.:  Horses Plows - under 18 yrs or those who have not plowed in a match before.
Class 2.:  Horses Jointer Plows
Class 3.:  Horses Sulky Plows
Class 4.:  Tractor - Under 15 - Open
Class 5.:  Tractor - Open to Bruce County Residents under 15 also to be members of the Bruce County 4-H Club who have not competed before.
Class 6.:  Tractor- Open to Bruce County Residents also to members of the Bruce County 4-H Club who have competed before.
Class 7.:  Tractor - Open - 2 Furrow I.P.M. Competitors
Class 8.:  Tractor - Open - Intermediate Mounted Plows 3-4 Furrows
Class 9.:  Tractor - 4 Furrows or more
Class 10.:  Open to those who have not competed at a match before
Class 11.:  Reversible Plows - Open
Class 12.:  Antique Class - Tractor and Plow must be pre 1958
A) Trail Plows - B) Mounted Plows.
Class 13.:  Garden Tractors

Stewards for classes 1 to 3: Jim MacKay, Bob Hammell & Kent Lamont
Stewards for classes 4 to 12: Jack Riley, Dennis Munro and Jim Armstrong

Class A.:  Queen of the Furrow Competition
Queens Start Plowing on day of the match.
Contestants must be 16 yrs of age, but no older than 25 on December 31 and a resident of Bruce County. Plowing knowledge an asset, but not necessary. Participants must be present at 8:30 a.m. Everyone is required to plow at least one round. (Tractor, Plow and Coach provided); present a 2-3 minute speech; and attend an Interview. The Queen chosen will represent Bruce County at the IPM. For more information Tammy Fischer 519 400 1183.
Class B.:  Media Plowing Competition & VIP
Any member of Media eligible to participate. Award: Farm Credit Canada Plaque. Plowing to follow Queen of the Furrow participants (Media to Plow at 11:00 a.m.)
Class C.:  Ambassador Competition
Open to all Ambassadors including visiting Queen of the Furrow Representatives, Fall Fair & Special Events Ambassadors. Plowing time: 11:00 a.m. following media
Class D.:  Mayors, Members of Council & VIP
Plowing at 2:00 p.m. Each participant to plow at least one round. Award Saugeen Challenge Trophy.

Special Events Steward: Jack Riley


  • The Alan and Evelyn Ribey Memorial Trophy
  • Jim and Carol Armstrong Trophy
  • The Jack and Helen Cumming Trophy
  • The Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Campbell Trophy
  • The Hardie & Arlene Young Memorial Trophy
  • GranCar Acres Personalized Framed Photos - donated by Grant & Carol Jackson
  • President’s Trophy Most Improved Plower from Previous Year
  • The Oak-Haven Farms Trophy - donated by Munro Family
  • Highest Scoring Land by a Bruce County Junior Farmer:
         First: $15.00; Second: $10.00; Third: $5.00
  Oldest Plow Person $ 5.00  
  Youngest Plow Girl $ 5.00  
  Youngest Plow Boy $ 5.00  
  Best Crown in each Class $ 5.00  
  Best Finish in each Class $ 5.00  
  Best Plow Team $ 5.00  
  Best Dressed Plow Team $ 15.00  
  Best Dressed Teamster $ 10.00  
  Best Crown by a Bruce County Resident:
Horse Classes - $10.00 donated by Kent Lamont.
Tractor Classes - $10.00 donated by Roger Thorne
  Best Finish by a Bruce County Resident:
Horse Classes - $10.00 donated by Roger Thorne.
Tractor Classes - $10.00 donated by Dawn Brunton in memory of Alf Brunton.
  Junior Champion Horse Plowperson Trophy:
donated by Jim Esplen, Jim McKay, Jack MacGillvrary & Jack Riley.
  Senior Champion Horse Plowperson Trophy:
donated by Steve Grieg, Roger Thorne, Wilson Grieg & Kent Lamont.